How To: Tether A Smartphone – iPhone, Android & Blackberry

How To Tether A SmartphoneThe term tethering refers to the process of connecting a Smartphone to a computer to use the phone as a modem. This is important considering the role the Internet plays in the lives of many people around the world. Tethering is especially useful in places without Wi-Fi access or for emergency Internet access. Depending on a user’s location, it may also act as the primary way of getting online.

Different types of smart phones are tethered differently.

iPhone Tethering

Tethering an iPhone is relatively easy. Here is the basic process:

• Tap Menu
• Select Settings
• Select General
• Tap Network
• Tap Internet Tethering to activate it

All that remains is connecting the iPhone to a computer via USB port and it will act as a dongle.

Android Tethering

Irrespective of the makers of Android smart phones, all the devices access one marketplace where it is possible to get different types of tethering applications. The two most popular applications are PdaNet and Easytether.

Once users have downloaded and installed the applications on their smart phones, they need to make a few configurations for the devices to communicate with their computers, whichever type they use.

One part of the application is installed on the computer and another on the Android device. On the Smartphone, the following selections should be made consecutively.

• Tap Menu
• Select Settings
• Select Applications
• Select Development
• Ensure the box named ‘USB Debugging’ is checked
• Click OK

The process allows for the direct streaming of data from the Android phone to the computer. With PdaNet, it is possible to send and receive text messages directly on the computer.

The computer side of both applications may be set to connect automatically when the Smartphone is hooked up. Of course, the Smartphone-side of the applications must be activated first for this to take place.

BlackBerry Tethering

This is another type of Smartphone that requires the installation of special tethering application to access the Internet from a computer. Users need to install BlackBerry Desktop Software 5.0.1 and then set up relevant access point name for GSM devices. Then they need to configure their Dial-Up Networking. The processes are done just once.

After connecting the BlackBerry Smartphone to a computer, here is the process to complete the tethering process.

• Open Desktop Manager
• Click Start
• Go to Control Panel
• Select Network Connections
• Give the new connection a name
• Click Dial

These tethering processes allow users to enjoy special mobile broadband deals on their computers, whether they use desktop, laptop or tablet computers.

In this way, users can access their wireless Internet access from the computers without paying exorbitantly for the tethering services that cell phone carriers provide.

Depending on the Smartphone used, users may even set up their own hotspots to connect several devices simultaneously. This is an ideal way of making the most out of the great mobile broadband deals offered without making any extra payment.

Why should you pay for a separate Internet access for your computer when you already have it on your Smartphone?

Article by Spencer Hogg from Broadband Expert where you can compare mobile broadband deals to get the best deal for you.

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