Android Malware Shoot By 427% Since July

Android Malware Uprise By 427% Since JulyThe success of Google Android OS is pretty huge. Previously it was reported that they have 200 million active Android devices and they are activating 250000 Android devices every single day. But the huge success also comes with problems and difficulties. Juniper network says that the malware in Android has rushed and now it has gone up by 400 percent in recent months.

The cause for this malware problem is the free for all nature of the Android. There anyone with a developer account and only with $25 can post an application. This blame was given by the security company. They have confirmed by analysing the rate of increase in the malware problems of the Android. The number of malware has increased day by day according to their report and till July it is 171 percent increased.

The problem is because the applications are not vetted before they are in the Android market. Goole should take necessary steps to prevent this problem.

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