Google Denies Any Affiliation With Carrier-IQ

Google Denies Affiliation Carrier-IQAnother update is here to the entire Carrier IQ news controversies which took place last week. In this week, Google has started to response to the claims imposed on it last week. Google has claimed that they don’t have any affiliation of any kind with Carrier IQ. Besides, it has confirmed that the Nexus devices have not included the controversial software. Essentially, Google is officially distanced from responsibility of sort for using tracking software from the Carrier IQ. We are looking forward to the Carrier IQ’s on the issue.

After the revelation that numerous handsets are currently being offered on the market, the Carrier IQ controversy has blown up in the last week. Meanwhile, Verizon has stated that the Carrier IQ hasn’t been installed on the devices of the company. Nokia, Apple, Windows Mobile, RIM, and most Android devices indeed show contingent evidence of the so called tracking software. Do the Slash-Gear readers possess any of these Smartphone devices?

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