Amazon Kindle Fire Not Offered On Complete Open Platform

Amazon Kindle Fire Incomplete codeIn general if you think that Kindle Fire is a wide open platform, you will be disappointed. The code that has been released recently by Amazon.Com may be free to use,but the code isn’t the  complete version.

Amazon has recently made the source code available for the Android operated Kindle Fire. This gives a clear indication that kindle Fire is a wide open platform. The Free Software Foundation revealed on a licensing blog that the concept of  Kindle fire’s being open is nothing but an illusion . In fact, this open software world can still be open and closed simultaneously.

The trick is simply to open the source that you are compelled to. keep the source code that has been kept secret. Android has issued abiding the Apache License laws that allows the modification under another license agreement. The software released by Amazon has been covered under LGPL and GPL licenses .It is a condition that the source can be reissued under the same license.

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