Intel To Aid More Companies To Build Ultra-Books

Intel Aid  Companies To Build Ultra-BooksIntel is going to step in with view a to helping the smaller companies in building ultra-books in competition with chipmakers who has been continuing to release supper-skinny laptops with success, as repotted by the CNET.

With a goal of making smaller PC manufacturers to supply the ultra-books, Intel is going to hold a meeting in Taipei on Wednesday in order to emerge as a “matchmaker” amid the large electronic manufacturers with the so called original design manufacturers; For instance, Compal, Foxconn, Pegatron, and Quanta along with many smaller brands in the market, according to a source from the industry familiar with plans of Intel.

The complete list of the ultra-book brands will try to include electronic companies like Epson, Viewsonic, Onkyo, Mustek, WiPro, Motion Computing, and Positivo, as claimed by the same source. Meanwhile, some brands, like the WiPro & Positivo, are merely known on the electronic market as these are quite new in this business, though they have reputation as big players in their regional markets.

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