Sandwich Tablet Available Just At $99

Sandwich Tablet $99If you have been impatiently waiting for the $99 Ice Cream Sandwich computer tablet of Ainol, this is right time for finding out one for yourself via internet, but you need to keep a few things on your mind before attempting to purchase.

At the earlier part of the week, MIPS & Ingenic, working behind the manufacturing of chipset for Ainol Novo 7, came up with a press release about the arrival of powerful & inexpensive tablet known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Andy Rubin, the Android chief of Google also sent his endorsement on the matter.

The 4.0 Android Tablet was available officially on Ainovo.com, a Hong Kong based site. On the contrary, breaking news was that the sandwich tablets were out of market. Consequently, MIPS assured that more tablets were about to appear on the market soon.

Novo 7 slates of other types are already available in the market, though most of them are not going to be shipped preloaded with Ice Cream Sandwich.

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