Nokia & T-Mobile Bringing Lumia 710 In U.S.A

Nokia T-Mobile Lumia 710 In U.S.ANokia in collaboration with T-Mobile is bringing its exclusive Lumia-710 Windows Mobile Phone to U.S.A in the January of 2012.

Lumia-710 should not be compared with the high end, more eye-turning, Lumia-800. The former is going to be bought by T-Mobile on the 11 January 2012. Like Samsung Focus Flash (available on the AT&T), Lumia-710 will be sold at $49.99 having excellent quality contract & the mail-in-rebate of $50.

Despite the modest price point, Lumia-710 is yet a completely capable Windows Phone. It features a Snapdragon processor of 1.4 GHz & has a WVGA LCD 3.7″. Additionally, it features a 5-megapixel camera at the rear part & records 720p video clips. Like other Windows Phones, it usually runs on Windows Phone Mango-7.5.

Nokia & T-Mobile have clearly targeted Smartphone buyer having Lumia-710 for the first time. In past, Microsoft Corp. reiterated the demand of this sector. Meanwhile, the strategy seemingly focuses on the unbiased customers, though they never tried to convince iOS or Android users for switching to Windows Phones.

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