Nokia and Harman Soon Coming With Terminal Mode initiative

Recently Nokia and Harman have announced that they will be soon heading towards a joint venture for developing a smart phone enabled plugging for car’s system called the Terminal Mode initiative. The new car entertainment system will help the clients to find out the nearest gas or fuel station when their car is running with low fuel or gas. Besides that this new innovative system will also enable them to get more information regarding hotel booking. The GPS system of the car will provide full interactivity when required. You can ask from the phone to get more information regarding hotel booking. The phone will be equipped with the advanced Driver Assistance System and will provide the context sensitive safety warnings while you are driving the car.

Moreover Nokia’s Terminal Mode will also feature a touchscreen display and speakers integrated into the car itself. The user can attach the Nokia via Bluetooth to provide the processing power or to listening to music. It will also offer an Ovi Maps on the big screen, or facilitates them in making hands-free phone calls. After bringing such pioneering concept in mobile and automotive industry it is more likely to be copied by the other manufactures too. This much awaited venture is whether be able to dominate the market scenario or not is yet to get revealed.

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