British Telecommunications File Patent Suit Against Search Engine Giant Google

BT Files Patent Suit Against GoogleThe British telecom taken a legal action against Google regarding the fact that many Google service has infringed 6 patents of BT. the complaint was filed on December 15th in US District Court, Delaware. Some of these controversial Google products are Google Musics &maps, Google Offers, Google+, location based advertises and Android. Even though this lawsuit includes a lot of Google’s products but the mostly highlighted one is Googl’s Android app.

But search engine giant Google claims that this claim is not true and they will fight against it vigorously. The BBC reported that British telecom has over 5,600 patents on mobile technologies and has invested a lot of money on these application patents. So said they would not remain silent and would not let their investments to go down. So they had to file up a lawsuit against Google. This will surely heat up the court room and the market for while.

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