AT&T Decides To Sell Off T-Mobile

AT&T Decides Selling Off T-MobileTelecom giant AT&T is looking to sell their T-Mobile assets. They have come up with this decision after having a long fight against the U.S government. On March 2011, AT&T made a deal of $39 billion with Deutsche Telekom to buy T-mobile. At that point Deutsche Telekom was looking to leave the U.S market. But the U.S. Justice Department considered this deal as an anti-competitive act and started persuading the mobile companies in the court room. Later U.S FCC (Federal Communications Commission) joined this battle against the mobile company. AT&T has tried everything possible on their part to save this deal but has failed to convince the U.S. government.

So to save their skin At& had to look into selling off T-mobile to some other carriers like MetroPCS Communications, Dish Network and Leap Wireless International. The company has decided to sell off about thirty percent of the deal to leap wireless international company.

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