Go Daddy SOPA To Yield Domain Exodus

Go Daddy SOPA Yielding Domain ExodusGo Daddy’s primary support for SOPA (or the Anti Online Piracy Act), has intimidated many of its users to transfer their web domains to many other hosting companies in spite of the fact that Go Daddy reversed its stance issuing a statement revealing the company’s reluctance to provide any further support for the bill.  Go Daddy has lost more than 72,000 domains. Consequently, the Reddit users are about approach for a boycott on 29 December.

SOPA is commonly known as a bill that has been working through the co-operation of U.S. House of Representatives who have been trying to stop online users from stealing web contents like movies, books, and music. On the other hand, opponents claimed that the anti piracy bill is likely to give U.S government a strict control over online viewing of web contents.

The bill will make it quite easy to obtain the court orders for shutting down any doubtful website that is suspected for copyright infringement.

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