Samsung i8330 Handset To Be Released During FIFA World Cup




Samsung i8330

Vodafone and Samsung have launched a couple of Vodafone 360 branded handsets in past few years in the market and surprisingly, they have failed to create any impact on the market.


In spite of having such a bad launch experience what it can be observed from the above pictures is quite unexpected as they are the photographs of Samsung’s latest Vodafone 360 branded handsets, the i8330.


The phone looks quite interesting in its own self and it comes with a hoard of specifications that cannot be ignored in any way. The mobile handset has got an 8 megapixel digital camera, a 1GHz processor and runs on an exceptional LiMo R3 operating system. The other important features include support for WiFi and HSDPA. Data can also be transferred quite easily as the mobile set is enabled with Bluetooth and GPS. The phone is also expected to feature HD Video recording – which is slowly becoming commonplace now.


Being 360 branded, people are expecting that the handset will most probably come with Vodafone’s own social networking tools, an app store and online content. A secret source revealed that the handset is expected to be released during the FIFA World Cup, i.e. within few months.

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