How To: Use Twitter Hash Tags(#) For Business

Hashtag is an easy way to share tweets on a specific topic. It allows you to easily find tweets on a subject and filter out irrelevant tweets that use similar keywords. Hastag is often used to get in touch with a larger audience since people use hashtags to search for content from people that they don’t follow.  You can use hashtag to communicate messages to your existing Twitter followers. The keywords that you use for the hastag should be relevant to your industry. You should not use popular keyword in your hostages just to rank first on the search results.

You can use hashtag to promote for the brand of your product. Hashtag lets you find out what other people are talking about your brand so that more people will get to know your brand. For example, if you are selling ABC handbag, you can tweet “What is your favorite handbag? Please tell us by using #abchandbag to win a free ABC handbag.”

The hashtag that you used should be unique and identify your business posts. You can visit http://hashtags.org to find out what hastags are already in use.

When using hastag, make sure to append the hash symbol, #, before the keyword. Examples of hashtags are #dvd, #smallbusiness, #affiliates.

The hashtags should be relevant. You are to use hash tags that are relevant to your business topics. For example, if you are promoting ABC handbag, #abchandbag would produce a better performance than #handbag which is aims at a wide subject scope.

The hashtags should be short and easy to remember. It is recommended that you keep the hashtag short and simple so that people can easily remember them. You should prevent using hashtag that involves a long acronym, abbreviations or produce item number. The maximum characters that Twitter allowed in the message is 140 characters, therefore, you should avoid long hashtag.

You should use hashtag that reflects your brand. When creating hashtags, you shoud think relevant keywords that will build your brand image. This will introduce your brand to potential customers. People will also be able to easily find what you have to offer.

Hashtags is a powerful method to build your brand image and promote your business. You should start using hashtag when you twitter so that your customers will be informed about the company latest news when they search for your hashtag in the Twitter search box.

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