AT&T Incurs $6.7 Billion Loss Due To Last Year’s T-Mobile Acquisition

AT&T Incurs $6.7 Billion Loss On Thursday, AT&T reported a $6.7 billion loss in the 4th quarter which can largely be attributed to the unsuccessful acquisition of U.S.A. based T-mobile. To be more obvious, the above mentioned $.67 billion loss can be traced back to break up fees involved in the unprecedented acquisition. Contrarily, during that period, the company reportedly made a profit worth $1.09 billion, (or equivalent to18 cents per share). Deducting the charges associated with the breakup fee, the German tech giant’s profit reached 42 cents per share dropping from 55 cents during the previous year, where analysts expected company’s profit would reach to 43 cents a share.

However, AT&T was able add a momentum to its sale & production as they took lessons from the substantial amount of iPhone sales. To some extent AT&T’s sale surpassed that of Apple products due to the influx of new customers at the very end of the last year.

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