Juniper Research Claims Ultrabooks To Replace Tablets By 2016

Ultrabooks Replacement To Tablets Start enjoying your iPads & Android tablets whenever you can manage to, because by the year of 2016 these stuffs may be turn into the yesterday’s news. According to the prediction of Juniper Research, an analysts group, tablets will perish and their position will be occupied by ultrabooks. The analysts’ prediction is largely intimidated by Apple’s Macbook, ultrabooks laptops that are quite sleek & sexy and possess longer battery life.

“Apple’s Macbook Air is a symbol of opportunity & challenge for ultrabooks,” Juniper said in its research statement. Juniper also predicted that the entry cost may be significantly scaled down over forthcoming years.

However, though tablets are great, they have some limitations like lacking in peripherals (such as keyboard, mouse). The reason for this lacking is that there is a market for Bluetooth keyboards for iPad. According to Juniper, a total of 178.2 million ultrabooks may be shipped within 2016, especially to North America & Western Europe.

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