Facebook To Come Up With Unique Mobile Ad Format

Facebook Unique Mobile Ad FormatAs Facebook has started to offer marketers the opportunity to advertise in smartphone apps & other cell-phone devices as per its initial public offering, it will start to face a problem perplexing many other tech companies. The problem is to ensure ad revenue beside the use the built-in services in cell-phones.

The mobile-based marketing has been growing rapidly in the recent years. Analysts at Informa Media & Telecoms have estimated 51% global market growth from last year’s $5.3bn. Nevertheless, mobile-based advertising covers a minor portion of total digital marketing.

Many analysts have addressed the reasons behind the limitation of mobile marketing. The fundamental limitation refers to the smaller screen of mobile phones.

However, Facebook is interested launch a unique ad format on cellphones, as it features throughout its website.

Probably, Featured stories is going be the first mobile marketing format of Facebook. The add formate includes “rich media” like video. The feature will treat its users as narrow geographical targets.

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