Will You prefer A Nokia Lumia Worth $899 On This Valentines Day?

Well, we all knew the fact that the Nokia Lumia 800 is going to arrive in Microsoft’s chain of retail stores later this month, but no body anticipated that this device will be priced $899 price. The Verge, reported that Nokia’s handset will at first be available only as a bundle, and consumers will be able to grab this on February 14th. Along with the unlocked Lumia 800, buyers will be getting a Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker, plus Purity HD Stereo Headset as well as an in-ear Bluetooth unit. We have already been informed that Nokia has a new conflict-free mineral policy and all, but for a hefty price of $899. Since Valentines Day is coming, so who have wished to buy a brand new Lumia 800 for their girlfriends can now ask whether their sweeties would prefer a diamond.

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