Apple To Come Up With iPad 3 Having Better Battery Life & Size

Apple iPad 3 Battery LifeThe Apple and iPad fans are getting excited learning that the iPad 3, which is going to release soon, will incorporate larger battery life than its predecessors.

Repair site Fix-iPhones, unveils the actual fact about the ipad 3’s inside. According to the website, Apple’s new tablet will feature a motherboard with different size for making enough space for the bigger battery.

A bigger battery was mooted before, primarily for supporting the anticipated 2048 x 1536 display. The gadget is also going to feature LTE support.

Indeed, LTE has been proved to be a battery hammerer and it has been extensively implemented in US smartphones. As a result, it’s not a surprise at all for Apple to include a bigger power pack in its upcoming gadget.

However, taking the past rumors in to account, it is being inferred that iPad 3 may be thicker than the previous version of the tablet. Rumors also indicate that the gadget will be heavier too.

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