Google Kicks Out Microsoft Windows OS From Its Office

Google has now planned to phase out Microsoft Windows OS from its Office Computers owing to security issues and concerns. Google asks its staff to discontinue using Microsoft Windows OS citing security reasons.
Google Bans Employees To Use Microsoft Windows
Google is also encouraging its employees to start using Apple Mac OS X or Linux Based OS. The Search Giant came to conclusion about this decision which was long coming and also cited Internet Explorer’s vulnerability that allowed Chinese Hackers to hack Google’s sensitive emails and documents.

Google is phasing out Microsoft Products now and is trying to switch over to more secure Products and Platform. This means, 10,000 employees working for Google all over the World are prompted to use other OS instead of the so called Not so secure Windows OS.

When asked about this issue, Microsoft refused to comment on it. This decision might also have come at a time when Google is trying to launch its own OS called Chrome OS, which it might use it in its own office. Google has no reason to fear and can bravely start using its own OS when its rolled out for the users.

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