Apple To Take Down Samsung In U.S. Court

Apple Samsung WarU.S.A is going to experience patent wars. Following the numerous battles taking part in European courts that resulted in mixed victories & losses for many tech companies, Apple Inc. is now thinking about suing Samsung Corp. in US court.

Florian Mueller, an U.S Patent expert, says that Apple lawsuit comprises four patents that are equivalent to 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse:

  1. Firstly, “Data tapping” patent which is based on the import ban of ITC against HTC.
  2. The patent related to Apple’s Siri & unified search that evolves as a huge matter of concern for Google, as far its core business it concerned.
  3. A brand new slide for unlocking patent that puts pressure even on the Taiwanese government.
  4. A word completion patent aimed at providing major speed augmentations for ‘touchscreen’ text entry.

Basically, Mueller inferred that Apple’s lawsuit is quite stronger than the former patent suits of Apple.

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