Chinese Factory Workers Getting Underpaid In Poor Working Conditions

Chinese Factory Workers Getting Underpaid Once again Apple’s supply chain is in the crosshairs, following the report of a South Korean newspaper today revealing that the factory workers of China get substantially less payment in comparison to the other workers around the globe.

According to Korea Daily, Chinese factory workers are producing iPads in which they collectively earn approximately $8 / unit, or about 1.6% of the selling price of the cheapest iPad’s.

On the other hand, the Korean factory workers share about $34 a unit among them, equivalent to 6.8% of the selling price, also revealed by the report of Korea Daily.

Meanwhile, the complaints about the working conditions in Asian factories that deal with Apple products have increased in the recent months. The criticism hit the vertex last week when the watchdog groups “SumOfUs” & “Change.org” protested outside the Apple stores for forcing the iPhone manufacturer to improve working condition in the factories. The groups also stood against the relationship of Apple with Foxcom by signing petition by above 250,000 people.

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