NOOK Tablet 8GB Priced At $199 Hits The Market

NOOK Tablet 8GB Tablets have become very popular among the users over the past few years, which have prompted every hardware giant to come up with their own tablet device. NOOK had a tablet which could not sustain the rat race due to its high price. So they had to bring down the price to fight with other manufacturers. It is now officially confirmed that a $199 version of NOOK tablet is now available.

Barnes & Noble announced confirmation of this new release. The new version will price lower but the storage capacity is cut half. The original version had sixteen GB storage capacity where the new one has eight GB. The processor speed remains same 1GHz dual-core. The new version will run along with the original one which had a twice the RAM size of the new one. Now the price will help it to have a fair fight with Amazon’s Kindle fire.

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