T-Mobile USA Promises To Provide Affordable 4G Coverage

T-Mobile USA 4G Coverage T-Mobile USA has been planning their strategy to get back their contact customers from the lure of Apple’s iPhone. The company claims that they are not just planning a LTE network, they will also provide an affordable 4G service and these all are part of their “challenger strategy”.

This is tricky task for T-Mobile USA to establish two different (called HSPA+ and LTE) networks without confusing the consumers. The company says that they want to be known as the best network provider in wireless business. In his statement Philipp Humm, who is the CEO and President of T-Mobile USA, says that they will be investing initiatives in the next two years to increase the growth of T mobile and that hard work begins with transformation of their network. The network company has used the 4G nomenclature for such a service which is 4G at all according to experts. They are calling HSPA+ 4G so that it can compete with Verizon’s LTE.

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