AMD Spends $334 Million To Acquire SeaMicro

AMD To Acquire SeaMicro When Advanced Micro Devices acquired ATI for $5.4 billion, the company showed the world that they are not afraid of spending big bucks to bring back its past glory. That was back in 2006, this time the company is about to buy SeaMicro, this start up technology is deeply focused to low power and high bandwidth micro server solutions.

This will cost AMD around quarter of a billion dollar of which $281 million will be paid in cash. This acquisition is an opportunity to speed up the strategy of delivering disruptive server technology to the customers.  AMD’s president and CEO Rory Read said in his statement that this acquisition will help AMD to transform into an agile and disruptive innovator. He feels that the combination of AMD’s processing capability, their ambidextrous technology approach and SeaMicro’s system is a unique one and it will help AMD to attack the faster growing server market.

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