Google’s Chrome Continues To Drop Share

Google's Chrome Dropping ShareBattle among browsers returns to normalcy as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which registered maximum share increase in early January, drops slightly in February. At the same time Google’s Chrome has dropped share for the straight second month. These were the findings of a recent statistics ran by Net Application. The company acknowledges that they have been over counting Chrome’s share for previous few months.

Google’s Chorme has a pre rendering feature under which the browser loads pages in the background. This feature was first started with version 13 and vastly enhanced with Chrome 17, which was released about a month ago. When a user types a keyword at the search string whether at googe.com or in the Search bar at the top of browser Chrome automatically loads few pages in advance anticipating the user’s choice. This feature creates unviewed visits that must not be counted in Chromes favor. In February 2012 pre rendering caused 4.3% surge of Chromes daily unique visitors.

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    chrome is good so he don’t care this .

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