Cellphone Towers- A Real Threat To Human Health Conditions


A recent study on cell phone radiation has been conducted to analyze the health hazards of too much cell phones usage and also of living close to a cell phone tower.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has started its own research on this subject. They have roped in departments at the AIIMS like neurology, obstetrics and gynecology in their research.

But before the ICMR unveils the study, CNN-IBN reporters already threw some light on the adverse effects of the high levels of electromagnetic radiation in close proximity to cell phone towers. Professor Girish Kumar has created a radiation meter that detects the levels of radiation.

Prof. Kumar’s meter clearly shows that as we get nearer to the cellphone towers, the radiation levels raise exponentially. Radiation contact up to minus 30 db a day is the safe for us. But the meter reads -12 or -10 even at a distance of nearly 50 meters away from the towers.

Arpita Ghosh, a brain aneurysm patient, holds the cell phone tower near her house responsible for her problem. She was forced to leave of her dream home two years ago due to the cell phone towers right on top of the roof of her building.

She said, “It is clear that when I move away from the house I feel better, but when I come here I fall sick.”

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