Verizon Launches HomeFusion To Provide Broadband In Rural Area

Verizon HomeFusion Broadband In Rural AreaThe US carrier Verizon has launched a new service that will provide broadband internet at rural houses. This service is an alternate option of satellite internet service but mainly it is intended to homes that don’t have access to DSL. Verizon named this service Home Fusion.

To get this new service you need install an external antenna outside your house for connectivity to entire house. The external antenna will cost $200, and the installation work is free. Inside the antenna there is 5 gallon bucket that performs the connectivity functions. The service starts at a price $60 per month and promises to provide 10GB of data at a high rate. Verizon says that 10GB data allotment is good enough for a viewing HD quality video for as long as 10 hours. Or the user can download entire Shakespeare collection 2000 times with the provided speed. The service is primarily available in Nashville and Dallas.

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