Apple Keeps Sprint & T-Mobile Out Of New LTE

Sprint & T-Mobile Out Of New LTEWhile unveiling the new iPad 2 on Wednesday, Apple mentioned its former pals Verizon Wireless & AT&T as the initial carriers of the cellphone versions of the device. On the contrary, Sprint & T-Mobile remained absent from Apple’s list. However, this wasn’t a shock that much. Amongst the key features of iPad, LTE radio can be mentioned & neither T-mobile nor Sprint features the LTE network for being spoken about.

You might infer when their LTE networks are going to be live this year; Later on they will be warmly welcomed into the iPad fold (&, more importantly, a future iPhone having LTE). Not necessarily, that will be the case. Nevertheless, LTE is a brand new ballgame. Former 3G rules, determining which carriers to be blessed with Apple products, don’t apply in the 4G technology. In the new LTE order, perhaps couple of operators will reverse roles, having T-Mobile landing the first iPhone & Sprint being out of the count.

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