Google To Defend Its “Search Result Service” With Semantic Search

Google Search Result ServiceA few semantic games are there around the search-engine changes of Google. The company has to deal effectively with its traditional search rivals like Microsoft’s MSFT +0.24% and even the new entrant like AAPL -0.68% of Apple. In addition to that, it’s being rumored that Facebook may appear as another rival of Google in search engine business.

The semantic search refers deals with the actual meaning of a particular word or words inserted by people in a Web-search box. That is likely to enable a search engine to comprehend the difference between “Jaguar”(a car brand) and “jaguar” (an animal) on the Web pages.

For powering up semantic search, Google’s GOOG +0.83% incorporates a massive encyclopedia of knowledge comprising “entities,” of people, places & things.

The semantic-search effort of Google may help the company in competing with Apple Inc., which has recently introduced a voice-activated search optioned with Siri. The software, when installed on iPhone 4S, interprets verbal commands & questions & responds with suitable answers.

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