Research Firm Reveals Apple’s New iPad Costs More To Manufacture

Apple’s New iPad Apple has been seemingly making less profit from each of their new iPad than the company did in case of their previous models of iPad, according to the analysis of a research firm.

On Friday, IHS iSuppli took apart a brand new iPad and at the very same day the latest iPad were released for sale in U.S. market as well as in 9 other countries. Customers from those countries found that the latest iPad’s components are more expensive than those of iPad 2.

However, Apple’s iPad 3 has emerged in several versions with starting market price of $499 which is the same as that of iPad 2 at launch.

Nevertheless, Apple priced all 3 generations of its tablet computer aggressively, and made it very hard for the competitors to come up with features having the same price. Apple deducts more from each iPad than from each of its iPhones.

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