Lawmakers Worry About The Deal Between Verizon Wireless & Cable Firms

FiOS On Wednesday Lawmakers picked apart a controversial deal between Verizon Wireless & the biggest cable companies. Lawmakers raised question whether the deal worth impeding competition or leading to a few choices for the Internet users.

In the Senate Judiciary subcommittee’s hearing on antitrust, consumer rights, and competition policy, lawmakers directed the firms towards a joint marketing plan that may allegedly lead to the end of FiOS, the television & Internet service Verizon Communications, which has been engaged in competition with the largest cable companies.

However, the joint marketing plan has allowed the sales representatives of Verizon Wireless to begin selling subscriptions comprising Comcast television & Internet service. Nevertheless, the plan might have led to a too cozy relationship especially for the antitrust officials, as reported by the analysts.

“You claimed you won’t terminate FiOS . On the contrary, how come we’ll know the same level of price competition can be kept. against the cable companies?” Sen. Herb Kohl, the subcommittee chairman, asked an executive from Verizon Wireless.

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