Verizon Releases Report On Data Breach In 2011

Verizon Data BreachAlthough there has been a rising concern about sophisticated cyber attacks, hackers made use of relatively simple methods for 97% data breaches occurring in last year, according to the report of Verizon.

Verizon’s annual report on data breaches was released Thursday. The report has found in 80% cases of cyber assault, hackers targeted the vulnerable sites rather than choosing companies with impeccable online security system.

Verizon’s findings imply that the companies have been wasting large amount money for building up sophisticated security controls which doesn’t make any sense for defending the hackers. Verizon claims the companies have been continually overlooking the fundamental security precautions.

However, the conclusions of Verizon’s report are mainly based on investigation into about 850 data breach cases. Verizon compiled their report collaborating with U.S. Secret Service & law enforcement agencies from UK, Netherlands, Australia and Ireland.

The report finds the so-called “Hactivist” groups like Anonymous to be involved in most of the breach cases.

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