AT&T Executive Accuses FCC For T-Mobile Layoffs

 T-Mobile LayoffsIn a response to T-Mobile USA’s announcement on Thursday about eliminating its 1,900 employees from various call centers, the senior executive AT&T Jim Cicconi availed the opportunity of returning fire on the Federal Communications Commission. Considering the layoffs as a payback of T-mobile for not accomplishing the proposed merger with AT&T, Cicconi inferred that the layoffs could have been prevented had the proposed merger been approved.

Jim Cicconi, the senior executive vice president of AT&T’s external & legislative affairs, manipulated the company’s blog for rebuking FCC. Cicconi said, “So what can be the lesson here? It’s nothing but a reminder of the impact of ‘regulatory humility.”

“FCC may claim to be an expert on telecom sector, but it’s not an omniscient,” wrote Cicconi in the company’s blog. “And when FCC ventures far beyond its limit and right to interfering on the business decisions of a company, it is supposed to be wrong.”

However, AT&T along with T-Mobile has withdrawn their applications for merger from FCC following the unpleasant appearance in an US court in December 2011.

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