Blizzard about to be Dethroned?

Blizzard has undoubtedly ruled the MMORPG world for quite some time and that dominance was time and again imposed with Wrath of the lich king and cataclysm expansion packs. No wonder, expectations were at an all time high about the release of the latest expansion pack named Mists of Pandaria.

Graphics wise Mists of Pandaria packs a wallop and brings back a certain sense of cheeriness that was certainly absent in the last expansions. With all that said has Mists of Pandaria got what it takes to keep blizzard at the throne? Star Wars: The old republic has become a viable threat to Blizzard’s dominance and has been slowly but assuredly converting legions of WOW fans to its side.

As if that wasn’t a worrying fact for Blizzard, another MMO which has yet to see release is creating waves amongst fan of the genre. Guild Wars 2 is to be released this year and is shaping up to give blizzard a run for its money.

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One Response to "Blizzard about to be Dethroned?"

  1. Lucretia says:

    Bioware did a lot of things right and innovative in this game, and they also left out some pretty basic stuff at launch. I think they were so concerned with voice acting the entire game to make it unique they forgot about some of the other “basic” things a game needs like guild banks, UI customization and group finders.

    Patch 1.2 is going to fix some of these things but the real problem now is too many servers, not enough people. The game was such a phenomenal hit at launch that server que’s were sometimes hours long. The developers panicked. Instead of letting the game find it’s way (most MMO’s have a huge amount of people who signup the first month to try it and then leave), they opened up dozens of new servers. Well now that the population has thinned out, many of these servers are ghost towns with few players on at any given time. This does not lend itself well to the MMO feeling.

    Bioware need to either merge low population servers or let people server transfer their characters to more populated servers if they choose. Right now, the only option available to players on these empty servers is to leave behind the characters they may have spent hundreds of hours leveling, and start over.

    But people also need to realize the game is still in it’s infancy. It will improve, and I firmly believe it will eventually supplant World of Warcraft as the top MMO out there.

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