AT&T Might Not Spend $150M To Promote Nokia Lumia900!

AT&T To Promote Nokia Lumia900Yesterday Ad Age reported that AT&T will be spending a significant amount of money to push Nokia Lumia900. According to the report a person knowledgeable to the situation said that the amount can be as high as $150 million. But verge reports shows that the actual amount is not that extravagant rather it in line with other main stream launch. When asked, AT&T representative refused to declare any specific amount.

Analyst thinks that AT&T’s effort to promote Lumia900 is significantly important on the performance of this device, because a large number of people in US buy phones from the carriers. Nokia and Windows have already laid a ground for this smart phone from where it can make successful take off and now it’s the carrier’s job to push it. If AT&T refuses to spend more on this device then Nokia and Microsoft would have to kick it. Already Nokia has declared that it would whatever it takes to make Lumia900 successful in US.

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