Instagram To Touch 40 Million User Base

Instagram 40 Million User BaseSince Facebook has acquired the photo sharing app Instagram, there has been a surge in the number of users of this app. the app now has forty million users which is quite a remarkable achievement for any application. A report shows that the app has seen ten million new sign ups within ten days when Facebook first got hold of it. The developer of Gramfeed, which lets users to view Instagram photos on the web, has found this through Instagram ’s API.  Now Instagram got hold of about five percent of facebook’s total user. Instagram team is yet to make any official comment on achieving this milestone. Some may think, this surge of user that Instagram  got is just a publicity stunt but analysts say that it is truly a well organized and users friendly app although there is some concern with the privacy of photos.

A few days ago the founder of Instagram  first opened his mouth about their successful deal with Facebook. In his speech he shared his experience about what they had to go through to reach here.

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