French Designer To Work On ‘Revolutionary’ Apple Product

Revolutionary Apple ProductIn a radio interview world famous French designer Philippe Strack claimed that he has been working on a mystery project for the hardware giant APPLE. He says that this is be a revolutionary product and will be unveiled within eight months from now. Apple insider picked up the translation of this interview. This sixty three year old renowned designer has been related to many projects with various multinational firms. When he was asked to clarify his job with, he refused to disclose the secrecy before apple wishes to tell everyone about it publicly. But he said that he has been seeing current CEO and Steve Job( when he was alive) about the product. He claims that he has a good relation with Job family and used to visit him once a month.

Strack works on interior design for hotels and restaurant. He has also designed tooth brushes and alarm clocks. If the news is true this will be strack’s first assignment with Apple. But he did design speakers from iPhone and iPad which he sold for around $1,600.

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