6 Tips On Throwing Knives In Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is so far the most addictive and well polished endeavor by the developers infinity ward. It’s a visual treat extraordinaire for legions of fan the game has already garnered and will no doubt augment their ranks further.

Usually, it’s the huge assortment of weaponry at player’s disposal that gets all the attention, but in this article I shall focus on tips on throwing knives which when used properly has the ability to kill in a single strike. So let’s get down to business:

  1. It’s always a good idea to get a line of sight ahead of your enemy before throwing the knife, because between the time you press the button and actual animation of knife swishing through the air, there’s a negligible lag of a few seconds.
  2. If there was a line to be drawn plotting the path of the knife throw, you’d notice, it follows an arch like pattern from the moment it leaves the player’s hand to reaching to its target. Learn to use this angle to score headshots which needless to say are instant kills.
  3. Like with guns, it’s a prudent move to know the reach of your knife throw, unlike Modern Warfare 2 the knife throw has a little less range in MW3.
  4. Throwing knives successfully requires the player to have good reflexes and a quick reaction. If you don’t possess these traits then using knives in a full frontal assault might not be the most feasible decision, because it’s regarded as one of the toughest weapons to throw while moving.
  5. Throwing knives are recoverable. Once you score a kill with a throwing knife, you can retrieve it from your foes corpse, thus replenishing your supply. Moreover, if you miss your target and the knife gets embedded in, let’s say a surrounding wall, it’s also recoverable.
  6. Remember tip no.2? Well, using the same arch principal, the knife can ricochet off the surface of surrounding wall or the floor and go to a distance of several feet. While, it’s in motion, it has the ability to score a kill! This may take a little practice to master but comes in very handy.

Bear in mind that throwing knives are elite stealth weapons as they emit no sound when thrown, making them ideal for stealth kills. There’s no equal feeling to see an enemy player go down after taking a knife in the throat!

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