HTC One X Updates Offer Improved Battery Life

The first update for HTC’s new flagship smartphone – One X (Endeavor) is released. The new Android 4.0 Build 1.28, which is being introduced, offers several fixes for the One X smartphone while enhancing its battery life. This update is rolled out for the HTC One X devices that came with Build 1.26 or 1.27 presently in European countries.

The early on adopters of HTC One X was creating some questions regarding the battery life in spite of the fact that the phone features a massive 1800 mAh battery. The latest Android build 1.28 for the One X offers many battery improvements though one of the power control app associated problem has remained uncertain.

XDA-Developer forum observed that the NvCPLSvc.apk app is positioned in a wrong folder by fault which is mentioned as the chief reason of fast consumption of battery. The developers in addition presented a redesigned power control app to be positioned in the correct folder to add around20 per cent battery life enhancement.

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