Shipment Of Quad-Core Transformer Pad 300 Tablet By Asus Priced At $379

Quad-Core Transformer Pad 300 Tablet By Asus On Sunday, Asus began delivery of its Quad-Core Transformer Pad 300 tablet through the company somersaulting it as a replacement of laptop and of the gaming device and. in the U.S.

The tablet is having a screen of 10.1 inch, a operating system as similar to Android 4.0 of Google and a Nvidia’s processor having the configuration of quad-core Tegra 3 which will be operating at 1.2GHz speed of a clock.

The tablet is having a range of price starting from US $379.99 for a storage capability of 32GB and RAM of 1GB. Although, many of the features are analogous to its antecedent, the preliminary price is lesser. Amongst the latest features, the pre-installation of new OS and GPS capabilities are mention worthy. The company instantly did not mention about availability of worldwide facility. The tablet is one among   the many which is not containing the Eee moniker of Asus that is famous and unveiled in 2007.

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