HTC Evo 4G Vs Apple iPhone 4G

After the latest HTC, Evo 4G released speculation is running high that it may give a tough competition to Apple iPhone 4G claimed by the Sprint Nextel. If we look at its specs we can easily understand why this new handset by HTC is becoming so popular every day. It has got all the necessary ingredients that make it a grand success. All except AT&T go through the iPhone 4G trauma after the release.

It supports some high end features, which are based completely on the Taiwan technology. The latest phone will provide outstanding networking facilities in terms of speed is concerned compared to other smart phones.

The device also makes use of the latest Wi-Fi technology, which can connect as eight computer systems together. The HTC mobile run on the Android operating system launched by the Google and it has two cameras on it.

If comparison is made between iPhone 4G and Evo 4G, the technology of HTC is quite efficient to give people a run for their money. AT&T has been getting more responses for its network; people are not quite satisfied with the system support. Sprint is working to supply 4G mobile phones, which can make iPhone 4G a good healthy competition.

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