Action Adventure Game DarkSiders 2 Game Preview

Darksiders 2 is a follow-up to 2010’s excellent action adventure game titled Darksiders by THQ. The first game featured one of the horsemen of apocalypse “War” as its protagonist who was accused of breaking the seventh seal hence bringing the doomsday before its appointed time; this time around players will take control of Death.


Darksiders took inspiration from other games in the genre namely Legend of Zelda, God of war and Prince of Persia but still managed to create its own identity and make a name for itself. The plot in the first game revolves around War as he tries to clear his name and catch the real culprits, the events in the sequel runs parallel to the story of the previous game as Death embarks on a journey to prove his brothers innocence.

Game Mechanics

For Darksiders 2, the development team at Vigil game studios has made some significant changes to the core gameplay mechanics as well as the world in which the game takes place. The world is considerably larger consisting of four different zones with each zone being almost as large as the first game. Combat also received a major overhaul while War was all about brute force Death is more nimble and flexible, blocking is not an option this time as players will have to rely on their reflexes and be prepared to dodge a lot during the fighting.

Another thing that differentiates Death from War is the way he traverses around the map. Death moves more quickly and fluidly across obstacles weather its climbing vertical walls or using the ability called “Death Grip” to propel him to great distances.

The biggest and perhaps the most interesting change Vigil made was to include RPG elements in the game, players now have the option to customize Death’s look via many armor pieces scattered throughout the world which can be found by exploring or they can be purchased from merchants. New to Darksiders 2 is the randomly generated loot system like any other RPG enemies when killed drop items which can be picked up and equipped or stored in inventory for later use or it can be sold for some extra cash. Another new feature in Darksiders 2 is the branching skill trees giving you access to two different skill sets namely Harbinger and Necromancer where the former represents melee combat while the later represents magic.


From what has been shown of Darksiders 2, it looks very promising and could end up being one of the best games of 2012. The overhauling Vigil has done by introduction of RPG elements will certainly appeal to a broader audience propelling this game to new heights.

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