Samsung Galaxy Note With Android 4.0 Update Coming Soon

The Samsung Galaxy Note is unveiled running Android 4.0 at the CTIA show that took place in New Orleans.

The trade show is considered as one of the largest mobile industry show in the US, though Samsung lovers are little upset due to the lack of major announcements at the event. However, there is some exciting news coming up for near future.

For example AT&T was actually showing the Samsung Galaxy Note handset running the most recent version of Android, version 4.0 labeled as Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Galaxy Note has coped be noticeable in the highly confused Android smartphone market due to its larger-than-standard size. Even few are referring it as a “phablet” which is partly phone, partly tablet device.

Samsung seems to be really proud of the latest handset and started a striving marketing campaign to build consumer awareness.  Hope this will help the tech giant to boost its sales.

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One Response to "Samsung Galaxy Note With Android 4.0 Update Coming Soon"

  1. cooltami says:

    Instead of saying 2nd Quarter, can they mention the Date in which they are planning to release the ICS for Galaxy Note. ?

    If they don’t release by 2nd quarter, there is no point telling that they are competing with giants like Apple and others with smartphone market.

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