The PC/MAC Game ‘Dungeon Gate’ is Expected to be Arrived in September 2012

Dungeon Gate is a Role playing game in development at Wild Games Studio (based in Québec, Canada) and being published by Lace Mamba Global. The story of Dungeon Gate revolves around the dragon hordes which are ravaging the world of Barrilian.  In the very same world, a small village was burned to the ground and no one was spared apart from two babies. One of which was captured by the dragons and the other was saved by a strange mage.

Fast forward the proceedings 20 years and the people of Barrilian are taken over by a cruel tormenter, making them his slaves and forcing them to extract valuable stones from the mines which increase his magical powers. The correlation between the surviving babies and the plight of people of Barrilian hasn’t been fully explained yet, though we are assuming they are interrelated.

The protagonist of the game is named Dysan who is a master shape shifter possessing a unique ability, which allows him to drain the DNA of any NPC he encounters. All he needs to do is to once drain the DNA of a character and then he can shape shift into him.

The game is played in third person perspective and offers a vast open world for the player to explore, featuring more than 150 spells and abilities to choose from, and there are 60 different types of enemies.

The game is scheduled to be released on September 14th, 2012 for PC and MAC platforms.

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