Kingdoms of Amalur Developers get another Chance, Thanks to Epic

Just before the start of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Epic games studios has announced that they are opening a new studio in Baltimore, Maryland mainly consisting of staff from recently closed Big Huge Games.

Big Huge Games, the developers behind this year’s hit RPG Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning, was closed by their owners 38 Studios due to financial difficulties faced by the company. Dr. Michael Capps president of Epic games studio has explained the reason behind the decision. According to him, it all happened this past Wednesday when the leadership of Big Huge Games team contacted Epic to discuss their plans of opening a new studio and their wish to start with an Epic owned intellectual property.

In a post on their website, Dr. Michael Capps has stated that they loved their desire to work together as a team but it was apparent that they will struggle to build a demo and secure funding before running out of their own personal savings. He further added that it is obvious that the creation of such a studio will take some time and that they want to get people to their HQ in Cary, North Carolina to start working, and the details are still being worked on.

It is indeed good news for the gaming industry as Big Huge Games is made up of some extremely talented developers. They will be able to work for a big and reputable company, Epic, and will continue to develop excellent games.

Epic Games Studios is one of the most respectable names of gaming industry and are known mostly for their infamous Unreal Engine and Xbox 360 exclusive title Gears of Wars trilogy.

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