Xbox SmartGlass, The Biggest Splash Of Electronic Entertainment Expo

Xbox SmartGlassMicrosoft has created a lot of buzz in the Gaming world by introducing Their Xbox SmartGlass. Possibly it is the biggest splash in front of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo which would take place in Los Angeles. People are discussing about this gaming console even more as they don’t know a lot about it. The details of this product are yet to emerge but there has been a lot of speculation about how it will work. However sources ensured that physically it is not some kind of glass rather it’s an application that will work on Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows8. People are suspecting that it is Microsoft’s play to make Xbox 360 an indispensible part of every entertainment.

If you are wondering if it is not a glass then why they are calling it a Smartglass, well probably the reason is that touch screen is a key part of this feature. The app will run on every Windows8 enabled PC, tablets and mobile devices.

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