E3 2012: First Look Of Skyrim Download Dawnguard

 Skyrim Download DawnguardThe previous version The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim did not have a whole lot of shortage of action. So what could the publisher add to the new edition? The answer is Vampires. The publisher of this game is Bethesda Softworks has put a lot of thoughts in making the game more incredible and adventurous. The games first expansion Dawnguard will allow the gamer to roam around the world of Tamriel as a blood sucking beast. The moves of the beast will surely delight the gamer. These vampires will not be hiding in caves as they don’t get sparkled with sun light. They are real nasty winged beast. Their claws are sharp and teeth are even deadly so that it can sink into the victim. The addition of cool moves like Vimpiric grips has helped the game to achieve an extra point.

The game can be played on Xbox 360. The publisher allowed only a few gamers to get a hand on the demo version. The demo starts with the main character entering into the Soul Cairn. At the first scene he offers help to a fellow vampire Serana so that they can get hold of an elder scroll. If the gamer wishes to become vampire at any time he can do say with a click on the right bumper. As soon you click on it the character will writhe in pain, black smoke will come out of its body and then the wings starts to show up. This new persona of the character is really incredible.

The game is played from a third person view, so it is helpful to make evasive moves from landscape to landscape. When the character moves across the landscape it looks like a swarm of bats. This game has the potential to become one of a kind when it’s come to vampire games.

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