Apple iPad Security Breach: AT&T Apologizes

Apple iPad 3G Tablet Users were given an apology by AT&T after hackers intruded into the email addresses of Apple iPad Users. When asked about the other information that hackers could have exploited, Dorothy Attwood, AT&T’s chief privacy officer confirmed that no other information was exposed. An Email was sent to all Apple iPad Users which stated “We apologize for the incident and any inconvenience it may have caused.”
Apple iPad AT&T
As many as 114,000 e-mail addresses were exposed by Hackers and potentially it could lead to use of Spam mail. The email addresses were accessible through a program on AT&T’s website. When the leak was made public earlier this week, there was a big outrage from Apple iPad users.

FBI has started its probe into this issue. Lindsay Godwin, bureau spokeswoman refused to reveal any specific information about the FBI Probe. Goatse Security was the first web firm which found this iPad flaw and made this issue public. They did it with a motive of providing safety to Apple iPad Users.

The email addresses of popular celebrities, government officials were also accessed by the Hackers. But AT&T has now confirmed that this problem is resolved and it hopes nothing bad happens due to this expose.

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