Google Creates 3D Map In Response To Apple’s Abandonment

Google 3D MapEarlier this month news had spread that Apple will be abandoning Google map from their iOS products. Previously Google map was the default map on iOS devices. In reply Google did what they have always did, innovating new product. As an afford to keep control of the mapping market their developers are looking to make Google map more useful and more fun. What can Google do to make a map more fun? Well they have been planning to introduce the world with 3D mapping application.

Today at San Fransisco Google have demonstrated their plan to create a full 3D city. The new app will be using its own library of aerial imagery to do so. The new app will let you see the buildings and trees as if you are flying on a private helicopter. In the demo the buildings appeared as photo-realistic. This is will be a good benefit for Android users and a good reason for App users to download Google map.

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