Sharp Shares Rise | Foxconn Reveals It Will Make Earlier Purchase Of TV Units

Sharp Foxconn PartnershipSharp Corp shares rose to a month high after Foxconn announced that it will make purchase of units earlier than planned. Just recently, Sony had sold back the 7% holdings in Sharp while Foxconn made sure it had purchased 50% of the shares of Sharp. Sharp President Takashi Okuda said on June 8 that, Foxconn will start purchasing the TV panel units next quarter, three months earlier that what was originally planned.

The deal was to facilitate cost cutting of LCD screen components in the form of bulk purchases from both companies. Sharp is expected to produce large screens while Foxconn will produce small screens.

The two companies have also decided to make this LCD unit for investments through public offering. With a plan to sell smartphones in China, they have a different goal altogether.

In the meantime, its known that Sharp has launched its 80 inch 3D TV with Wi-fi and Sharp’s SmartCentral features.

At the CES 2012, Sharp showed its innovative models. Obviously they have the resources to produce a series of TV sets when the sales and growth are still slow. You can browse the Sharp TV Argos models to know what the latest models and the pricing.

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